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“PS128 Happy Little Stars” – A CSR project for ASD (Autism)

Lactobacillus plantarum PS128 was a probiotic isolated from Taiwan’s traditional fermented food called fu- tsai and found by a professional probiotics research team led by Prof. Tsai. It was proved that Psychobiotic PS128 not only can benefit physical health but also mental health, such as normalizing the stress response system and maintaining a good mood. “The study of autistic children’s behaviors improvement by Lactobacillus Plantarum PS128 Ingestion”, the first clinical study in Asia focused on Autism started in Feb 2016 and was co-chaired by the Microbiome Research Center at NYMU and Dr. You-you Wu, a well-respected autism expert in Taiwan.

Due to the strict selection criteria for the clinical studies, many families suffering from autism could not join the program. So Bened initiated a CSR project in order to help these families with a special discount. Up to the present, more than 200 families have become the beneficiary of the program. We believe that Psychobiotic PS128 is an unusual blessing and sincerely hope the both you and your children can enjoy good health and mood with the blessing from PS128.

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