At Bened Biomedical, our purpose is to help people with brain disorders to have happier lives.
Bened Biomedical signed a deal with a major player in Australian and New Zealand markets
The world’s unique Psychobiotic PS128™ will reach the Balkans.
PS128® 前進新加坡-與保健品領導品牌Activhealth® 合作推出兩支新品
精神益生菌PS128® 進軍南非市場
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NutraIngredients: Use your head, follow your gut: Bened Biomedical's award-winning probiotic product set for market expansion
精神益生菌PS128®進軍法國-益福生醫與Synergia SAS簽訂合作協議
「精神益生菌PS128®」榮獲Nutra Ingredients-Asia Awards「年度最佳益生菌產品」大獎
PS128® “Smart Kids Probiotics” Product to be Launched in Hong Kong
【賀】精神益生菌 PS128® 榮獲日本與歐盟十四國專利
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精神益生菌 PS128 獲中華民國專利
2015.11.18~2015.11.22 WPAIC 2015世界精神醫學會國際大會

At Bened Biomedical, our purpose is to help people with brain disorders to have happier lives.

2020 / 03 / 26

Second day of April is World Autism Awareness Day. Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a disorder characterized by deficits in social interaction and communication, and by the presence of restricted and repetitive behavior. Autism is recognized as a brain disorder, mainly.  Bened Biomedical is notably actively helping people facing Autism. Thus, Bened Biomedical is glad to participate in this Autism Awareness Day.

Bened Biomedical originated from top Asian University research laboratories, and renders 30 years of experiments on probiotics into accessible solutions targeting neurological and psychological disorders.

Lactobacillus Plantarum PS128™ is one of the most advanced solutions developed by Bened Biomedical. PS128™ is a probiotic clinically proven to alleviate the core symptoms of Autism (72 people, double blind vs placebo independent human clinical study [1]). Published scientific papers explain that the mechanisms of PS128™ pass notably by the gut-brain axis and the regulation of the levels of Dopamine and Serotonin in the brain  [2,3,4,5,6], both dysregulated in Autism.

Bened comes from benedicere, “good words” in Latin. From its inception, the company stays dedicated to help those in need by producing “pharma-grade” probiotics. Some people in need may not be able to afford such help. Thus, Bened Biomedical initiated the program “Little Stars” in Taiwan. The professor Tsai who discovered PS128™ is of Taiwanese origin. Under this program, Bened Biomedical supplies its world’s unique probiotic Lactobacillus Plantarum PS128™ for free to low income families with Autistic kids.

Bened Biomedical’s greatest win is to enable those in need to regain happiness in life.

On World Autism Awareness Day, Bened renews its will to help people with brain conditions to have a happier life. In this scope, the animal tests and human clinical studies done on Parkinson’s disease are on the verge to have their results being published. PS128™ and Bened Biomedical keep working hard to provide more solutions for mental health.

The “Little Stars” program helps people facing Autism Spectrum Disorder. There is a courageous Mom who was one of the first to be selected under the “Little Stars” program, and that reported: My only son, Isaiah, is 13 years old, tall, gentle, hard-working and has non-verbal autism. Isaiah would get very upset if one of his toys or DVDs broke or didn’t work. In our house, we try to have on hand triples of every one of his favorite toys, books and DVDs. If something broke and we did not have a replacement ready, we could be sure he would get upset. Sometimes, that upset would develop into repeated questioning. I remember a situation when during three days, he repeated the same question about its broken toy, the same question every 5 minutes, ALL 3 DAYS. He stopped asking only when he fell asleep, but he was only sleeping for three hours. Although it was hard on my husband and I, I imagine it was likely much harder on him. How would it feel to be so obsessed with thinking about something so much that you couldn’t even sleep for needing to think about it? My son is known for his gentle disposition and sweet smile, but his obsessions were a terror to all of us, including himself. The news to have been selected by the Little Stars program was welcomed. We are desperately looking for help.

Upon reception of the Lactobacillus plantarum PS128(™), we started to provide it daily to him. Within a week, he asked me a question using words he had never used before. And, when I responded, he responded back! It was an encouraging start; So, we continued giving him PS128(™) every day. And over the next two months, more little changes began to happen: his sentence variation increased, he was willing to wear different types of clothing, he would occasionally want to be around people more, and he was even able to tolerate a full cleaning at the dentist for the first time in his life! Then, one day (July 18, I remember), Isaiah put on a pair of new sandals. With a smile. And wore them all day at summer camp.

New shoes. No tears. For. The. First. Time. Ever. We had been doing nearly all the other therapies for many years and his fear of new shoes still haunted us; Since he started Bened Biomedical’s Little Stars program, he has slowly started to let things go: he finally let me wear “new” glasses I had bought from a changed prescription two years ago, he’s ok if curtains in our house are not a specific way, he’s fine if I don’t always wear a certain hat when he demands it. And although he does still engage in repeated questioning for replacement items, it is usually only a few times a day. We are thankful for making all these little changes that have added up to so much happiness in our lives!

More News

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